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Corsini Consulting Group, LLC is a strategic-planning, succession-planning and business-coaching firm based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning requires clear vision and realistic long-term goals.

Succession Planning

We help identify, develop and prepare high-potential candidates to fill key leadership positions long before change occurs.

Family-Business Consulting

We offer a suite services to help both the family and the family business prosper across generations.

Human Resources Consulting

We help maximize employee productivity and help employees reach their potential by understanding their motivations, behaviors and goals—both in and out of the office.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching for company owners, executives and managers gives leaders a renewed and sharpened focus on their businesses.

Sales Coaching

We work with individual salespeople as well as company-sponsored sales teams to help these people maximize their potential.

Founder & President

Corsini Consulting Group, LLC was founded more than 25 years ago by Marc Corsini with one goal, to help you business people do what they do best—in and out of the office. In that time, Marc has worked with thousands of company owners, executives, professionals and salespeople in a variety of fields and industries including commercial real estate, distribution, construction, and property and casualty insurance.

Meet the coaches at Corsini Consulting Group, LLC and find out how they can help you do what you do best.

Marc Corsini

Marc Corsini

Founder and President

Our Clients

Retail Specialists
Shoal Creek Properties
Robins & Morton
Willis Towers Watson
5 degrees
Cushman Wakefield EGS
Brownlee Morrow
Business Interiors
Cobbs Allen
Doster Construction
Ferlisi Jolley
GK Houses
Greenhalgh Insurance
J.H. Berry & Gilbert
MB Hangers
Saginaw Pipe

Emotional Intelligence

We all know about measuring IQ (intelligence quotient), but lately, I’ve heard more and more about another important measurement—EQ (emotional intelligence quotient). This is a measure of the ability to identify, assess, and control emotional responses in others and...
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Making It To Your Own Show

It’s time for baseball’s 2017 World Series, and I’m excited about watching it! Maybe that’s why when a friend shared his philosophy on business success using a baseball analogy I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. “Your work career,” my friend told me, “is like...
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Working in the Moment… and Staying in the Game

Most of us are working today toward a better tomorrow. We’re doing all we can to achieve our short- and long-term, big-picture goals. But I bet you know someone who is struggling. Maybe they think they are working hard when they really are just coasting. Maybe they...
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Better or Bigger

A while back, I was working at our office with a president and a CEO of an Alabama-based company. During this meeting, the two of them got into a pretty heated discussion about a big decision. Both felt strongly about their positions, and these positions were very far...
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